UKC Champion Sky Von Barren Berg CD BN RN HIC CGC TC TDI

UKC Champion Sky Von Barren Berg CD BN RN HIC CGC TC TDI

UKC Champion Sky Von Barren Berg CD BN RN HIC CGC TC TDI is an amazing girl with her heritage being from East German DDR working lines. She is the FOUNDATION of our breeding program. She is the best family dog ever who just happens to have multiple conformation, temperament, and performance titles! She has the most balanced, stable temperament possible and is very environmentally sound. Sky is especially fantastic with kids and can always be trusted at playdates with loud kids coming and going. She is friendly and confident out in public and always displays exceptional manners. In fact, we get complements on her temperament wherever we go- from the vet staff, show exhibitors to strangers.  Yet, she alerts to visits to our home and is protective when needed.

Although she has excellent drive, she can flip a switch and be quiet in the home. She is not hyper or a “busy” type of dog. Sky has a strong desire to please and excels in all performance and working events. For example, she has stepped into the obedience ring six times with 5 First Places and 1 Second place!  If we had more time, she would easily have even more titles.

Sky is also the most athletic dog we have ever owned. She is incredibly fast, agile, and a great jumper. To test her structural soundness, she completed a 9 hour hike over three 4000 foot mountains and never took a bad step. She regularly hikes almost 8 miles three times a week for fitness.

Her bitework for IPO is strong with full bites. She accepts verbal, stick and whip pressure and always outs. She is good at tracking.  Sky is also a certified Pet Therapy Dog and watching her with a young autistic child leaves one humbled. She is a happy dog and always greets the day with much enthusiasm.

She is very healthy and has numerous health clearances. No bloat, allergies, or GI issues either. We absolutely will not compromise on health, temperament, or working ability and only dogs meeting our exceptional standard of excellence in these areas are utilized for our breeding program. We are incredibly excited about her upcoming litter!  Please see all of her health clearances on the Puppies page.

****Newsflash: Sky is ranked TOP TEN Nationally for all German Shepherd Dogs in Obedience for 2014 at the Novice level!!! –Review October 2015***

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