Brags / Updates

November 2017-

Vegas finished 4th out of 56 with a spectacular performance at USCA GSD Nationals!! He is now eligible to compete in the WUSV Qualification trial to have a shot representing the United States in International competition!


September 2017-

Vegas makes the podium finishing 3rd out of 33 at the New England Regional IPO Championships!


August 2017- 

Sky bred to the top German Import, SG Vegas Von Der Burg Hinte IPO3 Kkl, for October puppies!!


Spring/Summer 2017-

Annie has graduated Puppy K, Graduate Puppy, and Puppy Foundation in Agility!! She is currently working in competitive obedience and competitive agility training. She starts tracking in March and has been preparing for her first conformation show in April!


Anubis has graduated from Puppy K and intermediate obedience classes! He is working towards his CGC!


Winnie has graduated from Puppy K and her intermediate training classes!


Addie has completed her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy class and is working on intermediate obedience. She has started agility and is working steadily towards her CGC!


Huck has graduated from Puppy K!


Magnum has graduated from Puppy Session 1, Puppy Session 2 and has graduated to his Adult Dog Obedience class! He is working towards completing his CGC!


Maximus has finished his basic training and has started off leash work!