Baxter (green collar boy) is the next giant leap in our breeding program! He is a gorgeous solid black, incredibly confident, excellent drive, awesome working ability, super smart, and crazy athletic! He is everything a German Shepherd should be and has already developed quite the fan club! From an early age, his tremendous bravery and self confidence set him apart from his siblings. He has an unflappable disposition, impressive bite, and coupled with a strong eagerness to please, the sky is the limit for this boy! He has been actively training in competitive obedience and will make his conformation ring debut in April. He was also born to track and we can’t wait for Spring to arrive to hit the tracking and IPO fields! Please stay tuned for the progress of our amazing boy as we start our journey towards National competition! Baxter is simply an incredible individual and we know he is worthy to follow in Sky’s paw prints. We are very thankful to have him in our breeding program and are beyond excited for his future!!