“A” Litter

****New photos to be added Soon! Please check back!!****

2016 “A” Litter Born 10/22/16

Roland Glen Fingers Von Ryanhaus BH CD CGC TC HIC TDI x Sky Von Barren Berg CD RN BN HIC CGC TC TDI


In order of birth:

1. Yellow Collar Solid Black Female

2. Brown Collar Bi-Color Male

3. Green Collar Bi-Color Male

4. Tan Collar Bi-Color Male

5. White Collar Solid  Black Male

6. Pink Collar Bi-Color Female (the peanut of the litter- absolutely adorable)

7. Purple Collar Solid Black Female


Puppy Reservations:

1. White Collar- DeSimone Family

2. Green Collar- Jones Family

3. Tan Collar- Abbot Family

4. Pink Collar- Hill Family

5. Yellow Collar- Zink Family

6. Brown Collar- Dacey Family

7. Purple Collar- Daniel Family (**This pup was held back by breeder until she was 6 months old but did not meet our high standards for a competition/breeding prospect. However, she is a fabulous dog and placed in a lovely companion home. Unlike most breeders, we do not keep a puppy just to keep a puppy if it does not meet our high standards**).


***Please be advised that Von Whitehall reserves the right to refuse to sell a puppy at any time.***